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Technical data

In this table you will find the most important technical data (specifications) for the CytoSorb 300 adsorber.
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Extracorporeal blood volume:
150 ml
Blood flow rates min-max:
Recommended blog flow rates:
100 – 700 ml/min
150 – 700ml/min
Max. treatment duration
24 hours
possible with heparin or citrate
Gamma sterilization
Further details:
Latex- and PHT free product
Storage conditions:
1° to 40°C; upright storage
Maximum pressure limit
760 mmHg
Flow resistance (Hkt 23 +/- 3% @ 37+/- 1°C)
Qb <= 700 ml/min 140 mmHg
Qb <= 500 ml/min 090 mmHg
Qb <= 200 ml/min 030 mmHg
GMDN Code:
34422 – Haemoperfusion system adsorption column

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